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Web designer interview questions

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Few days back, I prepared a web designer interview-questions list. We required a good web interface/templates designer for projects. Knowledge of some programming especially javascripts was bonus points. Here is the questions that I prepared.

Web Standards
– Why would you choose XHTML over HTML?
– What web standards and guidelines do you follow for designing web sites?
– Why do you want to follow W3C standards? Is it really necessary to follow these standards?

– What are your steps of web page designing process (photoshop template or direct HTML template)?
– How are you flexible with your process and client communication?
– How do you make your website consistent among all the browsers?
– What are the tools that you use for web development? + other third party tools?
– How do you keep up-to-date with various standards and tools?

Technical Knowledge (HTML/CSS/PHOTOSHOP):
– How comfortable are you in writing hand-coded HTML?
– What is the difference between DIV and SPAN tags?
– Explain: padding/margin, display:none and visibility:hidden, stacked layers (positioning, z-indexing), floating objects
– How do you handle transparency in web-page elements
– What is the difference between vector graphics and raster images. How would you choose filetypes for publishing in web??
– What are RGB/CMYK/HSI color models?

Extra technical knowledge:
– Do you have any experience in making skins for DNN or other CMS systems?
– (Javascript) Do you have any experience in javascripts?
– (Javascript) How do you show some dynamic text in a DIV? Showing layers, popup controls?
– (Javascript) Form validations:
– How do you disable form submission when validation error occurs?
– applying MAXLENGH in textarea
– enabling/disabling form fields
– any knowledge of regular expressions
– (Javascript) Is there any javascript library that you have used?
– (XML/XSL) Do you have any experience in XML and in XSL transformations?
– (Flash) Do you have any experience in Flash? What are symbols in Flash? Can you do basic ActionScriptings?
– (ASP.NET) Do you have any experience in ASP.NET websites? Tell about challenges while working with programmers.

– Do you consider Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) when making web designs?
– What are the things that you use or avoid to ensure the web page you designed is SEOed? (Like frames, headers, alt texts, js texts)
– How do you perform page-load optimizations?

– Which site do you think is best designed? (In your opinion, what is a good designed website and bad designed website?)
– Do you think that creativity is part of human nature or is it something that can be learnt?
– What do you most dislike about web design industry?
– What are other creative-thinking hobbies that you have? (like painting, photography, literature, ..)

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